Jennifer M Jones

Artist Statement

Art inspires, empowers and heals and it is to those ends that I use art.  By encouraging and motivating people, I reconfirm what they already know: They have the power to affect change. I create social sculptures using mediums like printmaking, photography, and performance. My didactic practice, which could be in the form of a flyer campaign, a performance or a participatory art workshop, involves teaching and learning of myself as wells as others.  By making visual interpretations of people’s stories, my work highlights our humanity by breaking down cultural barriers.  

My work emboldens people with a sense of citizenry by involving them in the democratic process. I engage the community with performances of three characters: Lady Liberty, Love’s Army Sergeant Agape and Community Activist Jones.  Each character attempts to inform, but also remind us where our power in this country lies.  An ailing Lady Liberty visits retail districts and uses button making to initiate conversations about voting.  Sargent Agape scouts malls and other areas recruiting officer’s work and enlists citizens to join Love’s Army by registering them to vote.  Community Organizer Jones brings silk screening to the community and talks about ways we are being disenfranchised from exercising our right to vote. 

More recently, I started to examine how art builds community.  To have lasting and meaningful change, we need to come to an understanding.  Our most recent election demonstrated how divided our country is yet most Americans have many shared hopes for the future.  My most recent work, and uses art to help participants develop empathy and find common ground in order to begin the process of imagining and creating a restorative future.